Adult Education

Adult Education


There is a trolley speeding down the road, which is going to run over 5 passers-by. You could pull a lever, diverting the trolley, but causing it to hit one person standing on the currently unused track. What would you do?

You find a valuable watch lying by the side of the road. It looks like it’s been there for quite some time. What would you do?

You are in charge of a hospital with limited beds, and you have to decide which patients get care and which patients get turned away. What would you do?

Join Rabbi Gelman as we look at all sorts of various ethical dilemmas, from vegetarianism to end-of-life care and everything in between. We’ll try to illuminate the various Jewish perspectives on these ethical questions, all while asking: what would you do?

Classes are scheduled for Tuesday at 4 PM and Thursday at 10 AM, starting January 16th. Please email to register and to give a Zoom or in-person preference.

History & Current Events in Israel: Motti will teach this class at the synagogue every other Wednesday at 10:30 AM. If you are interested in this class, please email Motti Locker at .

Daf Shevui/Talmud Page of the Week: Always wanted a chance to learn a bit of Talmud? In this class we will be going through the first tractate of the Talmud, Berachot (Blessings). We will get a good variety of rabbinic legends, Jewish law, wit, and arguments. Lots and lots of arguments.

If you are interested in this class, please email Rabbi Gelman at The class is at 4 PM Thursday Afternoons on Zoom. Class will resume Thursday September 28th.

Learn to Lead: Have you always wanted to lead a service, but never quite got the melody? Always wanted a second shot at reading Torah after your Bat Mitzvah, but never seemed to have the time? Well, now is your chance to learn! Join Rabbi Gelman as he takes you through Kabbalat Shabbat, Torah trop, Haftarah Trop, and more. Please email Rabbi Gelman at for more information!    

***For all classes, please call the office to let us know that you are coming.***